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Will building workers go on strike?

Building workers set to go on strike April 21.

It hasn’t happened since 1991.  Back then building workers went on strike, forcing residents to sort the mail, guard the doors and operate the freight elevators.  (I did the freight elevators and got pretty good at it.)

Yesterday’s demonstration by building workers enlivened the generally somnolent corner of Park Avenue and 79th Street.

Here’s a YouTube video of the scene:

Anyhow, the contract covering more than 31,000 workers at 35,000 residential units is set to expire next week.

The union, the Service Employees International Union, local 32B, says the supers, doormen, handymen and other workers need better pay, what with rising housing costs and taxes.  We know all about it.

Usually, negotiations end in a last-minute deal.  If they don’t, expect a strike on April 21.