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The Park Avenue of Michael Cohen

News photographers waiting for Michael Cohen outside Loews Regency hotel.

News photographers were camped outside the Regency this afternoon in the wake of reports that Donald Trump’s fixer-lawyer Michael Cohen is officially the focus of a criminal investigation.  Cohen has been holed up in the 4-star Loews Regency New York as his nearby apartment undergoes renovations.

Those who know Park Avenue around East 60th Street would see a lot of familiar sights in the recent news footage of Cohen out and about in the neighborhood. Here he is from some days ago in front of The Regency:

Michael Cohen leaving Loews Regency hotel on Park Avenue

Michael Cohen leaving Loews Regency hotel on Park Avenue


Next we see Michael Cohen leaving a restaurant right around the corner on East 60th Street.


Micheal Cohen in front of LaGolue restaurant.

Michael Cohen leaving a restaurant.

Many East Siders will immediately recognize the lace curtains and French door handles as belonging to La Goulue.  La Goulue is a popular seen-but-can’t-be heard-in gathering spot for hotshot New Yorkers.   We assume Michael Cohen goes there for convenience as well as for the fellow movers and shakers.  And the food is good.


La Goulue one of Michael Cohen's restaurants.

La Goulue Restaurant at 29 E. 61st Street.


An Upper East Side institution, La Goulue closed eight years ago but recently reopened to wild applause.  The New York Times describes it as a “clubby French restaurant favored by Upper East Side socialites and other in the Black Card set.”

The deal at La Goulue

We at This East Side gave it a try and found the scene to be frenetic as advertised. The place is definitely not for the hearing impaired or for the claustrophobic. The staff is infinitely nice, even as it navigates the chaos of the entitled.  The crush continues well after 10 p.m.  Thus, Michael Cohen might not be missed should he become an involuntary guest of the state.

Back on Park Avenue, we see Cohen shaking hands with a doorman a block over from the Regency:


Michael Cohen lives on Park Avenue.

Michael Cohen shakes hands with a doorman a block away from the Regency.


The building is 530 Park Avenue

Michael Cohen at 530 Park Avenue

530 Park Avenue


New York is a big city but this corner of Cohen World occupies only a few squares of Manhattan’s grid.  The news photographers don’t have to walk much.