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The Bar

Nice vibe at The Bar.

Nice vibe at The Bar.


You know The Bar, that stylish, low-key saloon on 60th between Park and Lex.  Always open, it seems, always full of youngish office workers and folks from Bloomingdale’s a block away.

The patrons are nice, the servers are nice, the bar is friendly, some of the walls are hand painted. The menu is limited but the quality good, especially the hamburger. And the prices are reasonable, for the food, anyway.


Only one complaint. The noise level (that techno beat!) is sometimes so high,  pain results. If you are at all hard of hearing, you can’t have a conversation. If you are not hard of hearing, you soon will be.

In summation: The Bar is a great UES hangout for those wanting a pub meal with real people. Just turn down the volume, will ya?