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Post-Primary, Proud to be an Upper East Sider


Well, good for us.  In the 2016 New York presidential primary, the Silk Stocking district has shown its customary class.

Special kudos go to the Republicans, who gave the accomplished and moderate John Kasich his biggest boost in New York City.  They may be responsible for his second-place showing in the New York Republican primary — and for keeping the Kasich campaign alive. (It seems Donald Trump’s “very successful garage on E. 61st” failed to adequately impress.)



The Silk Stocking District is also the land of sensible politics


Democrats came out heavily for Hillary Clinton, the candidate with the most experience and political chops to be president. This is apparently the second most pro-Hillary neighborhood in the country.

Manhattan as a whole did itself proud in giving Clinton 66.3 percent of the Democratic vote . It gave Kasich 45.2 percent of the Republican, edging out Trump’s 41.8 percent. (Ted Cruz got 13 percent.)