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Greenacre Park is a public oasis at 217 East 51 Street between Third and Second Avenues. Friends of this precious bit of natural elegance smack in the middle of the commericial hardscape oppose Mayor Bill de Blasio’s crusade to “upgrade” the zoning of Midtown East.

(Editor’s note: So do we.  So should anyone who values quality of life in one of Manhattan’s most densely packed districts.)


As a gentleman of three score plus years I came late to the frequent wearing of formal attire. The fact is there is a lot to like about tuxedo events. The inherent order and defined rules are comforting considering the contrast between the chaos outside and the order inside where mysterious canapés are being served on silver trays by cyborgs. This is from a guy whose choice of pants in the morning is dictated by the pair that already has the belt on.