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Still time to get ready for the beach

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It’s almost Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer. That means it’s time for the annual question – How can we get that beach body? After all, everyone wants to comfortably flaunt a bathing suit while enjoying lazy afternoons at the beach. So, we spoke with two personal trainers about how to start.

Fitness professionals Kevin Dineen and Natasha Ross each have a pro-tip for how you can get your beach body. In many ways, the tips are a no-brainer.

“Decide to make a commitment”

We sat down with Kevin Dineen the other day at his boutique studio, Structure Personal Fitness.  Dineen is in phenomenal shape, without any airs of being imposing or intimidating. It is easy to feel at ease with him, and we’re sure it explains his quick success with clients.

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Kevin Dineen at Structure

For Dineen, the most important thing is to foster a supportive community with results-based training for clients. “Many East-siders are chasing a version of their former selves,” Dineen says. His clients range from professionals who have never belonged to a gym, young strapped-for-time mothers, and active executives. Clients have come in with grand plans to lower their golf handicap or summit a mountain, but more simply many just want to get their heart pumping and pump iron. Lots of it, too.

The key thing for any fitness regiment begins with mental discipline. Dineen’s pro-tip for anyone who’s interested in getting that beach body?  “Decide you’re going to make a commitment.”And mean it.

“Do whatever it is that makes you move”

We tracked down Natasha Ross one morning in Central Park, where she was busy drilling a small group of East-Side Moms. Ross has an infectious spirit, and you could be drawn in just watching her encourage her group class. Of course, those cute little babies nestled beneath colorful toys and covers in their strollers lured us, too. Ross was working in an office environment for about 15 years, and completed her first marathon in 2009. Since then she’s never looked back.

fitness new york

Natasha Ross in Central Park

She left the buttoned-up environment of office life and followed her new-found passion to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Over the past decade, she’s been working as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at various gyms, including Fitness Sanctuary and Pronatal Fitness.

Ross particularly focuses on posterior and core strength, since “most women will be hunched over holding, feeding, nursing their babies.” (Take note East-side moms).

While she has clear goals for her clients, make no mistake, Ross doesn’t trade safety for fitness. Sure, these Moms may choose to run with baby-laden strollers or use their babies as an added weight challenge, but that’s not built into the class. Plus, there’s not a bicycle or car in sight.

Ever passionate, Natasha’s pro-tip for anyone who’s interested in getting that beach body is to “just get out there and move! Do whatever it is that makes you move!”

So there you have it

Make a commitment, and keep moving. Easier said than done, right? But summer will be here soon, and there is no better way to get started.


Betsy Petrick