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Murder and the Upper East Side

The Upper East has seen no murders so far this year.


The New York City Police Department reports that New York City is en route to recording the lowest number of murders in a year since the 1950s.   And how many of those murders occurred on the Upper East Side?   Zero would be the correct answer.


No murders in 2017 on Upper East Side.

The 19th Precinct has seen no murders so far this year.

There have been 241 murders year-to-date in all of New York.  That’s down almost 17 percent from a year ago, when the number citywide totaled 296 through mid-November.   New York may well record fewer than 300 murders this year, something that has not happened in many decades.

In 1990, there were 2,245 murders.

“When we’re talking about being under 300 that’s a significant drop,” NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Dermot Shea told the Daily News.

Remarkably, this historically low number includes the eight lives lost in the Halloween terrorist attack on a downtown bike path.

The East Side has a very low murder rate

And what about the East Side?  The East Side traditionally has a low murder rate.  You can see from the chart at top that the 19th Precinct covering the Upper East Side suffered two murders as of this time last year.  This year there have been none, despite this being one of the most densely populated precincts in the city.

Bounded by Central Park and the East River, the 19th Precinct stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street.

This year there have been none, despite the precinct being one of the most densely populated in the city.

To the south, the 17th Precinct covers most of Midtown East — the neighborhoods of Sutton Place, Turtle Bay, Tudor City and Murray Hill.  It has recorded one murder so far this year.  There were none in 2016.

The East Side has seen almost no murders this year.

The 17th Precinct has seen one murder this year.

No murders in Midtown Precinct North

The largely commercial area south of 59th Street is covered by the Midtown Precinct North. It has recorded no murders so far this year, and there were none last year.

Let’s all pray that this wonderful trend continues through the holiday season.