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Life Expectancy on the Upper East Side is Highest in New York

Iris Apfel is living a long Upper East Side life

We knew that life was good on Manhattan’s East Side.  We now know that it is long, as well.  And it’s not just Iris Apfel (pictured above), our indestructible, 95-year-old fashion icon. The city Department of Health just released data showing that residents of the Upper East Side and Murray Hill have the highest life expectancy in the city.

Those born in 2015 in these two neighborhoods can expect to live 85.9 years.  Upper West Siders can expect shorter lives at 84.7 years.  Just saying.

New York County, that is, Manhattan, has enjoyed highest rate of increase in life expectancy of any other county in the contiguous 48 states, according to a report published in JAMA Internal Medicine.  But New York City as a whole has seen life expectancy fall slightly to 81.2 years.

Wealth and race have a lot to do with this discrepancy.  Life expectancy for white New Yorkers continued to rise to 81.3.  It is lowest for black New Yorkers, having fallen a little to 77.3.  Brownsville in Brooklyn scored the city’s lowest life expectancy of any neighborhood, 75.1 years.

New Yorkers generally expect to live longer than other Americans

The good news for New Yorkers as a whole is that they can expect to live 81.2 years, an improvement of 1-1/2 years over 2006.  For comparison purposes, life expectancy in the entire United States for those born in 2014 is 79.1 years. In the state with the highest life expectancy, Hawaii, it is 81.3 years. The state with the lowest is Mississippi at 75 years.

Perhaps stress isn’t as bad for you as they say.  Perhaps the broken escalators force us to exercise.  And there may be some magic ingredient in the air.

New Yorkers will not be surprised to learn that cancer, heart disease and drugs remain the leading causes of premature death in their city.


Upper East Side has the longest life expectancy in New York

The map is a pictorial, color-coded version of the table above.