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LaGuardia Rarely Fails to Disappoint

LaGuardia airport

You’d think that flying out of LaGuardia airport very early on a Tuesday morning would be a low-hassle affair, at least by LaGuardia standards.  Reconsider. Reconsider.

LaGuardia airport

Long line, no TSA Pre-check

The ease of getting a pre-dawn cab on the Upper East Side —  and the light traffic –had lulled us into a sense of complacency.  (We will ignore the rib-rattling ride along the devastated pavement of Queens.)

We arrived at LaGuardia to find a line through security a mile long and an hour long. TSA Precheck was closed. (Not enough personnel, a harried TSA employee told us.) And although there were lots of screening lanes, only two were open.

LaGuardia airport

Big crowds. Lanes closed.

LaGuardia is rated the second worst airport in America.  Better alternatives from New York are limited, however.  Newark was the worst.

P.S. — There was no free Wifi in the airport.  Now using JetBlue’s Fly-Fi.