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Easy to identify with the Yankees on the East Side

Gregorius team shirt

To all half-hearted baseball fans: You can’t ignore the moment.  Surely you’ve noted all the caps on the streets bearing Yankees insignia.  If you’re ever going to identify with a team, now is the time.

And you on the East Side have the place to go and buy your team wearables.  The Yankee Clubhouse is located at 110 E. 59th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues.  It’s a store. (To help some of you place it, the purveyor of Yankees branded merchandise is next door to Argosy Books).

Here’s fair warning to Yankee fans:  Gregorius team shirts are priced at $140.

Didi Gregorius is man of the hour

For those of you who don’t know, Didi Gregorius is the Yankee slugger who hit two home runs on Wednesday night, delivering the win against the Indians.  Everyone thought the Indians had it locked.

So it was Gregorius who powered the Yanks to rally from an 0-2 deficit to winning the best-of-five series.  Thanks to him, the Yankees are headed for the American League Championship Series.

Gregorius basics: Didi is a Dutch baseball professional now playing shortstop for the Yankees. Those desiring stats will find them here.

The high price of fandom

We met an agitated woman loading up on Gregorius shirts.  We said, “Do you know they cost $140 each?”  She replied, “I can’t go home without them.”


Yankee merchandise at Yankee Clubhouse

All variety of Yankees merchandise at Yankee Clubhouse

We asked the woman working behind the counter whether business was brisk these days.  She didn’t quite answer the question, but you could see where her mind was centered.  “We’re getting there.” she said.  “Once we put away Houston it will be good.”

That’s Houston as in Houston Astros.  The first game takes place on Friday.

We’re getting there.  Once we put away Houston it will be good”

So there you have it, sports fans or not.  We did not leave empty-handed but took home a handsome generic team shirt.  Only $40 it was.

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