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Frightfully good day to see Michelangelo at Met

Bomb Cyclone fine time to visit Metropolitan Museum

East Siders who can strap on boots have a great opportunity to see the stunning Michelangelo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art without having to negotiate six people standing between them and the works.

The bomb cyclone is a fine time to visit the crowded Michelangelo exhibit

Breathing space at popular Michelangelo exhibit at the Met

So while the weather outside is frightful, the lack of crushing crowds is delightful.  You will not be alone at the Michelangelo exhibit. (Some other people seem to have the same idea.)  But the Bomb Cyclone is clearly keeping people away.

Not everything at the Met is open

The frightful weather has kept crowds down at popular Michelangelo exhibit

Met gift shop closed for lack of staffing

Let us note that the museum is not running full blast today.  The fabulous gift shop, for example, is closed for lack of staffing.

One other thing: Although sturdy East Siders can probably handle the winds, cold and sideways snow (I did), those fearful of slipping or simply less hardy may not want to mush through even a few blocks.

Travel conditions on East Side are not terrible

But the Madison Avenue buses are operating — and there are plenty of seats. Furthermore, one really nice thing about the East Side is that the sidewalks are generally plowed.  The stairs leading to the Met’s front doors are likewise being kept clear.

Travel possible on East Side during bomb cyclone

Tough sledding on Madison Avenue.

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