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A four-foot victory in a long war

zoning laws

Let us celebrate the city’s decision to stop an obscene abuse of the zoning laws.  A developer had attempted to use a four-foot-wide lot to build a tall luxury condominium on Third Avenue near 88th Street. The city stopped him. Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts is doing a victory lap, as well it should.

But rather than regard this decision as a war being won, we we should see it as an isolated case involving an egregious example.  The developer’s zoning tricks were so outrageous that even the deBlasio administration couldn’t let it pass.

The NYT quoted deBlasio as followed:

Developers and contractors are on notice. When we see something that’s not right, we’ll take swift action to correct it.”

The problem is what deBlasio thinks is “right.”

That would seem to include a megatower in the middle of E. 58th, right off of Sutton Place.

Perhaps deBlasio is feeling the heat of rising anger on the Upper East Side.  He has to understand there will be electoral consequences.