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Donald Trump, the East Side’s Burden

Donald Trump

City Councilman Dan Garodnick has a hearing tomorrow to discuss the impact of Donald Trump’s presidency on our neighborhood. Basically, the cost and inconvenience of it all.

Unlike the area surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, midtown was designed to be a public grid. We have shops, offices and residents living there. Forcing several blocks around Trump Tower into periodic lockdown seems highly unreasonable.  It has already taken a toll on Tiffany’s, Gucci and other nearby Fifth Avenue merchants. Hence, the Christmas shopping season was painful

Sensitivity not a Donald Trump virtue

Trump has never been overly sensitive to the comforts of others.  But however you may feel about him, it seems you would be entitled to use your public streets. Consequently, the Trump entourage cannot turn them into a private fiefdom.

Ideally, the city will work with the Trump team to minimize disruption to our neighborhood.  If not, we’ll have to consider other options.


Donald Trump has caused great inconvenience for Trump Tower's neighbors

Entire sidewalk on east side of Fifth Avenue, from 56th to 57th Street, closed for Trump Tower security.


Kudos for the NYPD

This picture should give you an idea of how amazingly friendly, helpful and patient are the police officers trying to maintain order in front of Trump Tower.  They have the unenviable task of telling long-time neighborhood residents, such as  your author, to forgo using familiar streets.  On this, she is a beacon of understanding. Other New Yorkers are probably more vocal in their resentments. And as we note above, these familiar streets are also public streets.

Even when Trump’s out of town, the sidewalk across Fifth Avenue is a veritable circus of sightseers, exhibitionists and protesters.  There are also some apparent members of the Trump base putting in a good word for their leader. We accustomed to the scene know to go around it, now by habit.