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Would Trump fire Dr. Bornstein? Would Dr. Bornstein care?

Harold N. Bornstein

One thing we love about Upper East Siders is that they have lives.  Thus, they tend not to be in awe of famous people and their amour-propre.  One sterling example would Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, personal doctor (as of this writing) to the world’s most conspicuous personality, Donald J. Trump.

Bornstein is in today’s NYT taking about Trump’s use of a hair-growth drug and also airing his complaints about Trump’s inaugural ball.  He said he and his wife left early because there were no tables and chairs.

The eccentric Park Avenue doctor told The Times that he too uses Finasteride (marketed as Procepia) to treat male-pattern baldness.  Quoth Bornstein:

He has all his hair.  I have all my hair. 

We don’t know whether he is going to survive this news cycle as presidential doctor, having described Trump as just another aging male, but we admire him for it.

And if Trump should fire Bornstein, we wager that he could not care less.