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Clueless: NYT backs de Blasio’s building scheme

Replace these with a megatower?!

E. 58th St. buildings targeted for megatower


What can you say about an editorial that endorses a plan to turn New York into some high-rise dystopia, all in the name of bridging the gap between “the rich and the homeless”?

News flash:  There’s a whole universe of New Yorkers between the rich and the homeless — most of them, actually. And many live in the “soft sites” that developers are targeting for their towers.

Here’s The Times’ perversely titled editorial: Saving a Mixed-Income New York





Here’s my comment response:

The developer trying force a megatower on the Sutton Place neighborhood is busily displacing about 80 mostly modest-income families living in the older low buildings he’s preparing to demolish.


Such “soft sites” — the walkups, tenements and other remnants of an older Manhattan — are precisely what developers are targeting. They are the last holdouts in affluent neighborhoods for the non-rich.


This editorial gets none of this.


The community boards from the Bronx on down oppose de Blasio’s plan to ruin the very quirkiness that makes New Yorkers love their neighborhoods. And the CB members must be chuckling bitterly at the line about the rezoning plan “easily” clearing the City Planning Commission — a group mostly appointed by the mayor himself, with the guiding hand of real estate developers.