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3 Trees Worthy of Your Immediate Attention

Buckeye, one of many gorgeous trees in Central Park


The tree pictured above is a majestic buckeye, one of many Central Park trees in full blossom.

This week we came across three stunning trees, notable for their blossoms.  As we all know, blossoms do not last, hence the “immediate” in the headline.

Buckeye one of three notable trees in Central Park

Location of the buckeye pictured at the top of this post


These trees were not chosen in a scientific or arduous fashion.  We came across them on a walk in the northern reaches of Central Park.  We picked them for their proximity to Fifth Avenue, that is, the Upper East Side.




If you come across a good candidate for our list, please take a snap and send it to us at  Blossoms not required.





three beautiful trees in Central Park

Blossoming horse chestnut, just west of East Meadow.




Also notable is this Horse Chestnut, located just off East Meadow.


trees blossoming in Central Park

Location of Horse chestnut pictured above.









blossoming trees in Central Park

Crabapple tree near East Meadow

Location of crabapple.