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Christmas means a lot to New Yorkers. It’s a herald of the year’s end, a time to see and eventually avoid your family, and the finish line for the perfect gift. But, Christmas has a way of revealing the extremes of New York City, as the well-to-do shop and the city’s most vulnerable linger by holiday storefronts. The image of haves and have-nots speaks to a long history of why we celebrate Christmas today, rife with class tension and the anxieties of old money New Yorkers.

In the shadow of some of the biggest real estate deals in Manhattan stands 417 Park Avenue, a luxury residence that Emery Roth designed a century ago. It is the last of 13 high-end apartment houses that once lined the blocks of Park Avenue between 46th and 57th streets. Now, corporate towers dominate that stretch of the avenue, and residents to the north may soon face lucrative buyout offers from developers.

Meghan Markle, the divorcee from Los Angeles now engaged to Britain’s Prince Harry, is a lovely woman. But though the actress has ennobled herself as an advocate for women, she lives in the public eye as a character on “Suits.”

That’s unfortunate, because the cheesy TV series could serve as a primer on how women undermine their careers by the way they dress. Oh, there are other forces working against them in male-dominated industries, but how women present themselves should be an easy hurdle to cross.