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Monday / March 25.

Clearly, if elevator shake in high-rise elevator shafts poses challenges, then the challenges posed by buildings themselves must be more so. After all, a too-slow or a too-fast elevator ride does not make the hair stand as much on end as the idea of a building’s tendency to sway in the wind. Wind – now and then high wind – always affects tall buildings, which toward the top can sway up to two feet back and forth in a high wind. Earthquakes are more problematic, but, as with hurricanes (except for Sandy), New York City has seen few, and none of consequence, thus far.

Crime has become so 21st century. Young criminals are turning to technology-based theft that doesn’t require any physical contact with the victims. Crime that is less public is also less messy. The 19th Precinct’s community meeting on Monday included a sobering and (almost) entertaining look at the various cons now infesting our stores, banks, gas stations and anywhere else we insert our bank cards and enter codes.